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Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 09:31 am (no subject)
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TITLE: Danger in the Deep End
PERPETRATOR: the hell demon of earth
link: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/685927/
SUMMARY: A mysterious girl comes to town. She beautiful in all sense of the word but she's an outcast at school. She becomes friends with the X-men and later becomes part of the team. But will her heart and past kill her or just every one around her including the

FULL NAME: Oceanna
CODENAME: Look at her name and tell me she still needs a codename
SPECIES: Humna/Mutant
MARKINGS: Her eyes glow blue when she uses her power
MUTANT POWER (if applicable): Hydrokinesis

CONNECTIONS TO CANON: Will be Pietro's girl friend

X-TRA SPECIAL ABILITIES: Moves Bayville to California
NOTES: We have Pietro 2.0 here

It was during her study period that her day got the worse it could ever get, well not exactly but it was close to it. Oceanna was walking aimlessly in the library looking for a table to study at. While she looking for a table someone grabbed her from behind, causing her to drop her books and the person also cover her mouth to keep her from screaming. “Mmmmmm…” she said as she was dragged some where in the library. The person who grabbed her took her to the deepest part of the library, that many don’t go near anymore. He threw Oceanna against one of the bookshelves very hard, “Huh…aaaaahhhh!” She hit the shelf so hard she passed out; she managed to look up before she did pass out, “Huh, Scott?” It was almost the end of school when someone finally came to where Oceanna was; the girl screamed at seeing her, “Help! Help, I need the nurse!” she shouted. The girl looked at Oceanna; she was beaten pretty badly, she had bruises all over her face and some on her arms, stomach and legs; and her clothes looked like they had been savagely been ripped off her body.

“Ungh…What? Where am I?” Oceanna asked as she woke up drowsily. Then she noticed the nurse come towards her, “You’re in the nurse’s office. You were viciously attacked in the library,” she paused to give the dizzy girl time to take it in. “Do you remember what happened?” the nurse asked. Oceanna looked up at the nurse with an expression that said, Who are you? “You are in the nurse’s office because you were attacked,” the nurse tried to explain. Just then the X-men came in because the girl that found Oceanna had told them where she was.

“Oceanna, hey you alright?” Rogue asked; Oceanna and Rogue had become a lot closer since the hospital incident because of what Rogue saw, even though they didn’t really show it they were great friends. She nodded, “Yea, I think so,” she said groggily. “Ok, Oceanna I want you to listen to me. Your friends are going to take you to the hospital, to get a full report, ok,” the nurse instructed. Oceanna nodded and started to get up, but double over in pain, “Aahh!” Before she could hit the floor the group was there catch her, “Whoa watch it. You don’t want to get worse,” Scott said as he picked her up. Just as Scott picked her up Oceanna had a wave of fear wash over her but she didn’t show it so they wouldn’t ask her what was wrong, cause she didn’t even know why she was scared of Scott all of a sudden. So she let them take her to the hospital, which she hated more than life itself. As they were driving to the hospital she passed out.


It was around 3:30 in the morning when Oceanna woke up, “What the…Where am I?” She looked around her and found she was hooked up to a bunch of different machines, this only meant one thing… ‘The Hospital!’ she thought. She wanted to get out and started thrashing about but found that she was strapped down to her bed; see once she came in the doctors remembered her little outburst so they decided to tie her down so she wouldn’t do anything drastic to get out. She sighed, “Oh well mine as well just wait it out,” she said to herself. Just then a nurse came in to do a check up and saw that Oceanna was awake, “Oh thank heavens you’re awake. We were all so worried that you might be out for awhile because of your somewhat healed old injuries,” the nurse told her. Oceanna looked at her confused, “How long have I been out?” she asked. The nurse thought for a moment, “About two days.” Oceanna sighed she couldn’t believe she’s been out for two days! “Hey, could you untie me, it’s really uncomfortable,” she looked at the nurse who had a skeptical look on her face. “Look I’m not going anywhere I promise,” she said. The nurse nodded and untied her, Oceanna rolled over and sighed again, “What happened to me?” she asked tiredly.

The nurse suddenly got a very sad look on her face, Oceanna looked quizzically at her. “You were…raped. I’m so sorry,” and with she left. She couldn’t believe it she had been raped, and at school of all places. This must have been why she…didn’t…want…Scot to touch…her, no, Scott would never do that he’s to goodie goodie. “Could it have been him? No! What am I thinking, he would never do that!” she yelled to herself. She then rolled over and went to sleep.

When she woke up the nurse was back, ‘I guess she’s doing another test,’ she thought to herself. The nurse looked at her and smiled, “So you’re finally awake? Good it’s 12 ‘o clock in the afternoon,” she paused to look at the expression on Oceanna’s face. “Oh by the way someone stopped by to see if you were alright, apparently he had a note for you. But we told him that you were sleeping and he could drop off the note and come back later. Handsome boy,” she stopped, looked at Oceanna and continued, “He had a very athletic, chiseled body, short white hair, and seemed to talk very fast,” the nursed finished with a sly smirk on her face. Oceanna looked surprised, “When did he come over!” she yelled frantically. The nurse laughed, “Calm down he was here an hour ago.” Oceanna sighed and rolled over only to see the note that the nurse had just been talking about. She picked it up but decided to wait until tonight to open it, that’s when she felt a gust of wind come out of nowhere, ‘Huh? What was…oh so he was here,’ she thought to herself.

It was now around 10 ‘o clock and Oceanna decided to finally open the note and read it. Dear Oceanna,

I thought you could use some cheering up.

So I decided that I would do something special for you.

You and I have gotten a little closer over the past few weeks.

Sure I don’t know everything about you but it’s the same with me,

I would really love it if you would go out with me, again

I had a great time last time

And I was wondering if that you would also consider

Being my girlfriend, now I know that you probably don’t want to after all the things Summers has told you but I’m not really like that and you know it

Besides you’re my little ocean

Oceanna started to cry, “Besides you’re my little ocean,” Pietro said (the same time as she was reading the last line) standing at the door way of her room. She looked up very surprised to see him here, “Wha…what are you doing here? Why did you leave me a note instead of just telling me?” she asked him. He smiled and pulled out a rose; she was breathless, it was the most beautiful rose she had ever seen. It was a very, very rare type of rose; it was a black rose with blood red leaves on its stem. “Oh my god! Pietro where did you get this?” she asked taking the rose. “I had my father contact a friend who specializes in these types of roses,” he said as he sat down next to her.
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Date:February 22nd, 2006 11:50 pm (UTC)
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This makes me sad. I actually know an Oceana. That kid doesn't deserve to have her name tainted by a stinking sue.