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Mar. 11th, 2006 @ 02:25 pm (no subject)
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TITLE: Not Mutant
PERPETRATOR: Sakura-asuka2005
SUMMARY: WARNING This story is rated for language so here we go: three mysterious strangers arrive in Bayville, they have strange powers and don't know what mutants are! CHAP. 3 UP

FULL NAME: Ana, Amanda, Heather
SPECIES: Human/Witches
HAIR: Ana: "a shocking red/orange (a true red head) "
Amanda:"short brown hair that came down to about her shoulders with faded red highlights"
Heather: N/A
EYES: All: N/A
MARKINGS: Ana: lip ring, slightly visible belly stud.
Amanda:"She had make-up on that made her look like a punk"
Heather: lip ring, eyebrow ring, and many earrings
MUTANT POWER (if applicable): None so far

ORIGIN: Toronto, Onatrio


NOTES:They have magic powers rather than mutant powers

The gates opened to reveal a massive mansion with lush green grasses, beautiful gardens and impressive woods. The mansion its self had a classic yet slight modern look to it. A few white steps led to the front doors made out of glass with a metal frame. The doors stood in-between two massive columns that looked like the ones found on ancient temples in Rome.

They proceeded to the front of the mansion and got out of the X-van and went inside. Once in the three girls were ushered into the professors' office along with Hank, Orroro, Logan and the professor. As for the rest of the students, they were told to go to clean up and prepare for dinner.

The three girls, Ana, Amanda and Heather entered a large room that kind of looked like something out of a movie where it's the rich old mans' study. The room had massive bookshelves full of books and in the center towards the back sat the professor at a very large oak desk. Next to the desk and in front were chairs where everyone took a seat.

"Welcome" started the professor in a friendly tone. "This is the school for the gifted. In 'gifted' I mean mutants, people with special abilities due to a special X gene found in our DNA." He paused so that the girls could take in all the information. "Storm has the power to control the weather. Logan has the ability to heal at an incredible rate. Hank has the strength and looks of a wild beast (sorry but I don't really know what the hell Beast power is so don't hurt me if you know what it is tell me and I'll added it) As for myself, I have the power to read and control peoples' minds." He thought for a moment on what to say next, and then thinking of it continued. "Here we teach our student on how to control their gifts, now as far as you three, I am curious as to how you ended up here how you are able to use, ..magic, was it?!

After about a minute of the girls looking at each other on who should speak up, Heather finally decided to talk. " Well, we were out for lunch and then this crazy ass light, pardon my French, appears out of the sky and lifts us up, then the next thing we know we're in the middle of the street with you guys!"

"As for the second part of your question" said Amanda in a shy voice, "we can use magic because we're sorceresses. I can use White magic and some Black, Ana specializes in White and Heather specializes in Black but knows a lot of White."

The room fell silent for a moment. Everyone had to take in what was just said. "Well that certainly is something!" said Ororo. "So how is it that you don't know what mutants are? I don't mean to be rude or anything but I find it kind of hard to believe that 3 young teens don't know. Mutants are everywhere on the news and live in pretty much every city and country even Toronto, was it?!"

"Well that's simple" started Amanda. "That's because there aren't any Mutants as far as we know. I've never seen or heard anything on the news about them. Even on the American channels I've never heard them mention any mutants."

"Are you sure?" asked Professor Xavier "Yes I never in my entire live heard anything about it!" "This is very strange." Spoke the professor in a concentrating tone.

"Yes indeed Charles, everyone in the world must know about mutants." Stated Beast. "How do we know you aren't lying to us!" Logan snorted out, he wasn't to sure about the three of them. The seemed to be telling the truth but being through so much taught him to be cautious of everyone new.

"Hey, we have no reason to lie. Being a mutant sounds cool, we just want to know what happened to us!" Ana didn't care what they thought, she wasn't lieing see just wanted answers, and not many were coming forth. "Maybe we can call our school and prove to you we're telling the truth, they'll say the same thing about mutants as we did. I'm sure their looking for us or something."

"Here we can use my phone." Amanda pulled out her phone and procedded to call the school to prove their story. After about a minute she hung up the phone then tried redialing the number and trying again and again.

"What's wrong?" Ororo asked looking slightly suspicious at Amanda. "The number doesn't work!" "Let me try, you're probably putting in the wrong number. Do you guys mind if we use your computer to find the number?" Ana asked the older mutants. "Certainly" smiled the professor, and with that he pulled out his desktop and hooked it up to the net. Ana went on and pulled up the Canada 411 page and typed in the school name and address and clicked on search. Within seconds a page turned up with 'No matches found' on it. "Ana what did you do?" snapped Amanda back at Ana. "Nothing, it doesn't have our school on it!" "Let me try" Amanda them tried searching for the number but after 5 minutes of rewording and searching nothing turned up. "Now that's freaky!" Said Heather. "It's like our school doesn't exist"

"How do we know you guys aren't trying to fool us with this whole story?" Logan was now less certain about these new comers. "If you want proof here's my student I.D" Ana through her I.D at Logan. "Plus we're wearing the F**king uniform!!" "I believe them Logan, and as for now I think it would be best if we all took a break from this until we can figure out how to send you three home." Ororo had a way with calming tuff situations. "I agree Ororo; I'll have rooms arranged so that you may stay with us." Said Xavier in a very kind tone. "I'll have a student show you to your rooms and have some extra clothes sent for you to wear." "Thanks a lot Sir" All three girls said together. As they left the room and pushed open the large oak doors, a large crowd of students fell over. It was kind of obvious that they had been listening in on the whole conversation. After about a minute of silence, and with no adults in sight (they were all in the study talking) Ana spoke up to Jean who was giving her cut eye. "wow at least our DNA is normal." "shut the f**k up bitch you're the only freak I see, along with your friends." Jean was totally pissed off with the professors' plan. "Wanna start something bitch!?" Soon Jean and Ana were trying to fight but were pulled apart. "I guess if Ana was a mutant she would have the power of PMS. Bitch at all times!" joked Amanda which made everyone except Ana and Jean chuckle. "Ana piss off we're not here to fight!" Heather yelled. "Sorry about her she has a habit of speaking before thinking." "That's ok, we get those kind of comments a lot" said Kitty kind of upset about it. "Well maybe now that we're here we can change that!" Heather said reassuringly. "How?" "By kick the shit out of people that say it!"
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