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Mar. 19th, 2006 @ 10:48 am X-Men Evolution A-Z Part 2
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Magneto a.k.a. Eric Magnus Lensherr
The master of magnetism is an old friend of Xavier, but they obviously have very different ideas about the interaction between mutants and humans. Magneto believes mutants to be superior and thinks that they should rule over mankind. He first founded the Brotherhood of Mutants, but ditched them and created the Acolytes. He is also the father of Pietro and Wanda. In the end he became one of Apocalypse’s four horsemen. In fanon he really doesn’t do much except spawn Sues or tries to collect them (Gotta catch ‘em all and stuff).

Mary Sue
A bad Original Character. A Mary Sue is pure wish-fulfilment on the author’s part by being who the author would like to be and getting together with the author’s favourite character. Mary Sue is prettier than any other character, no matter how unusual or downright freaky her appearance may be, which may or may not be the result of her inhuman heritage.
Her powers are more numerous, greater and more special than the powers of the canon character. And she has perfect control over them. All characters know Mary Sue and either love her or hate her, there is no middle ground. Such thing as indifference does not exist when Mary Sue is around.
A lot of Sues are related to at least one canon character, no matter how illogical or just flat out stupid it is. Most are daughters and sisters, sometimes cousins. The most often are sisters of Rogue and daughters of Magneto or Wolverine.
Mary Sues often also have a special destiny that give them extra angst fodder together with her mysterious and angsty past, which often includes being abused by her Mutant hating parents, raped by ex-boyfriends or being experimented on in a Weapon X lab. Nothing really bad ever happens to her, at least not something that is her own fault, because Mary Sues don’t have real flaws. Mary Sue ‘flaws’ are always being too kind, having a hot temper or being bitchy to everyone, but that’s okay because she has an angsty past or the charcters she bitches at are not liked by the author, which makes it okay.
In short, Mary Sue steals the limelight and upstages everyone and no one really likes her except the person who created her and the authors friends and people who write Sues themselves.

A group of mutants lead by Calisto. These mutants have one thing in common, namely that their mutations are physical and make them look freaky (well, Calisto not so much). They hide in the sewers because they don’t want to live in a society that directs so much hate at them for being different. Other mutants in that group are Calliban, Facade, Lucid and later Evan Daniels after his mutantion went out of control.
One would think that fandom would gobble up this much potential for angst and teen rebellion, but the Morlocks are pretty much non-existent in fanfics. I guess, no pretty boys and sewer life are just not attractive to Mary Sues.

Mystique a.k.a. Raven Darkholme
During season one, Mystique posed as the principal of Bayville High and lead the BoM for Magneto, but when he didn’t consider her worthy enough to become enhanced, she turned traitor. Later she posed as Risty Wild to get close to Rogue, freed Wanda and made her join the BoM and impersonated Prof. X to fool the X-Men. In the end she became one of Apocalypse’s four horsemen. She is a shapeshifter, obvious by her history described above. She is also the mother of Kurt and the adoptive mother of Rogue.
In fanon she doesn’t do much except spawn some sisters for Kurt and be evil.

Nightcrawler a.k.a. Kurt Wagner
Kurt is a German mutant that joined the Institute in the first episode. He was raised by a German couple, but his real mother is Mystique. Therefore Rogue is his adopted sister. His girlfriend is Amanda Sefton. His power is teleportation and he is also physically mutated.
Canon!Kurt is friendly, funny and a kind of jokster, but can also be very insecure, especially about his looks. He hardly ever gets angry and rather keeps to himself at times. He and Rogue are pretty close, but they do have their differences at times. His physical mutation is the reason that he is covered in blue fur, has pointy ears and yellow eyes, a tail and has only three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. To disguise himself Professor Xavier gave Kurt an image inducer that creates a hologram around him to make him look normal so he can attend school like the other X-Men.
Fanon! Kurt becomes a little furry ball of angst. He is constantly thinking about his freaky looks and how nobody could aver love him because of them. He even cuts himself or becomes suicidal. Mary Sues that go for Kurt often have strange looks themselves, because they think only someone like that could truly relate to him. Sometimes they are even his sisters. He gets just as much Sues, if not more, than Pietro does. Kurt has been paired up with pretty much every canon character except Rogue. Mostly he is paired with Kitty, Mary Sue or Amanda if the story is het. In slash fics he get paired mostly with Scott or Toad.

Original Character
Original Characters are characters that the author came up with that can be Mary Sues/Gary Stus. Good ones are balanced, interesting and believable and fit in nicely with the rest of the cast. These are often only minor characters, but it is possible for one to be the main character if the author is talented enough.

Mutant powers are obviously a very important part of the canon and fanon. These powers manifest themselves either physically (like super-strength) or mentally (like telepathy). Most mutants on the show have one, maybe two powers. In fanon they often gain more powers because the authors think they’re not cool if they aren’t over-powered. Mostly this happens to Rogue, who suddenly absorbs powers without losing them or simply gains them for the heck of it.
Mary Sues almost never have just one power. They pretty much always have at least two, often three or more. Most jarring is that these powers are often completely disconnected, like the Sue has cat’s eyes, claws and can create fire. Or they have telekinesis and can shoot lasers out of their hands. Some Sues have the same powers as a canon character, but for some reason theirs are always better. Example: The Mary Sue can control fire like Pyro, but unlike him she can also create it. Or a Sue that has super-speed like Pietro, but is still faster than him.

Professor X a.k.a. Charles Frances Xavier
Founder of the Institute for Gifted Youngsters and the X-Men. Bald man in his forties who is wheelchair bound. Has a son called Lucas. He is also the strongest telepath in the world. In the end he became one of Apocalypse’s four horsemen.
In fanon he sometimes becomes evil and spawns Mary Sues (which is the real evil). Mostly he detects them with Cerebro, his super-computer, and sends the X-Men out to get them.

Pyro a.k.a. (St.) John Allerdyce
Pyro is also an Acolyte, he probably joined because he likes burning stuff. His real name is never mentioned on the show, so we don’t know what exactly his civilian name is. Pyro’s power is to control fire, but he cant create it so he has to constantly wear a flame thrower on his back.
Canon!Pyro is kind of nuts, likes to laugh maniacally and burn stuff. He is only seen in his uniform, which is orange and red, has a flame thrower on the back and his protective goggles. His hair is spiky and orange and his eyes are blue.
Fanon!Pyro still likes to burn stuff, but also becomes a lot like his movie counterpart. He is angsty, he becomes younger and starts attending Bayville High and he carries around a lighter. Pyro is mostly paired with Sues, but also with Pietro if it’s slash.

Quicksilver a.k.a. Pietro Maximoff
The son of Magneto and twin brother of Wanda Maximoff. He is from New York City, where he went to the same school as Evan Daniels. Both were on the basketball team. Pietro was the last male member that joined the BoM. His mutant power is super speed (and being camper than a row of tents ;)).
Canon!Pietro is manipulative, egotistical, self-centred, afraid of his sister, a spy for his father and very, very gay (see evidence gathered by bhoodthreesome). He is built rather thin and has silver hair with two antennae like bangs. He also dresses very stylishly and made his own costume.
Fanon!Pietro is sensitive, cares about others, is depressed, shares his feelings at the drop of a hat and is heterosexual 80% of the time. Strangely enough he also becomes the youngest BoM member all of a sudden, because he was the last to join, I guess. He is paired with everything that stands still long enough, but mostly with Rogue, Kitty, Mary Sue, Lance and Evan. Pietro, together with Kurt and later Remy, attracts the most Mary Sues.

A sensitive subject that almost never gets dealt with in a sensitive manner. Rape is mostly used as a cheap plot device to create angst and hurt/comfort situations.
Scenario 1: Character A rapes Character B. Character C finds out about it and comforts Character B. Healing sex ensues. The End.
Scenario 2: Character A gets raped by Character B. For some reason Character A enjoys it and falls in love with Character B, who only did it out of unrequited love. The End.
Not only are the psychological issues ignored that come together with rape, but also the fact that most characters on the show are mutants and therefore cannot be raped, at least not while being conscious. Kurt can teleport away, Kitty can phase, Pietro has super speed and Rogue can drain anyone by touching them, just to name a few.

Rogue’s real name is unknown, as are her real parents. Rogue was adopted by Mystique when she was 4 years old and was raised by the blind mutant Irene Adler. She was first part of the Brotherhood because Mystique fooled her into thinking that the X-Men are out to get her. After discovering this lie, Rogue became an X-Men. Her mutant power is to absorb a person’s energy, memories and in case of mutants, their power through skin contact. This means she constantly has to avoid skin to skin contact with other people.
Canon!Rogue is a rather anti-social goth and has a hard time finding friends. The only person who could reach out to her was the punkish Risty, who turned out to be Mystique in disguise. She also became friends with Kitty and Kurt and had a crush on Scott. She spends a lot of time angsting and moping and doesn’t like to go out. Her hair is red-brown with white bangs and her eyes are violet. Rogue mostly wears dark clothes, that keep most of her body covered and always wears gloves.
Fanon!Rogue is definitely the most liked character in fandom. I have yet to find a person who didn’t like her at least a little. She has the same problem as Kitty by being often used for the author’s stand-in. If not that, Rogue is either the Sue’s best friend and/or sister, no matter to which group Mary Sue belongs. There are quite a few twins floating around, who often have Rogue’s looks and powers, but don’t have the problem with touching other people. Authors also often get rid of Rogue’s touching problem to pair her up more easily, often not giving any reason beyond “Rogue could suddenly control her powers”. Another fanon characteristic of Rogue is that she suddenly hates the X-Men, especially Jean, who in turn becomes almost Nazi like. Rogue then goes back to the Brotherhood of Mutants or joins the Acolytes. Like Kitty she is pretty much paired with everyone, except Kurt maybe, but she is mostly paired with Gambit.

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Sailor Mars
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Date:March 19th, 2006 03:42 pm (UTC)
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May I just say that I loved the image of fanon!Magneto as a Pokemon collector? *dies laughing*

In fanon he sometimes becomes evil

You mean he's not evil in canon? *ducks* Sorry, couldn't resist.

Good ones are balanced, interesting and believable and fit in nicely with the rest of the cast.


You can always discern a Mary Sue because she seems like she came from a different world, and all the characters treat her that way. Original characters have to seem like they've been an organic part of the Evo universe all along, and are just now crossing paths with the main cast, who will (gasp) continue to go on with their lives even after the OC is among them.

Absolutely perfect observations on fanon!Pietro (aka "Pietro 2.0" or "Ralph") and fanon!Rogue.

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Date:March 19th, 2006 05:23 pm (UTC)
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Well, Magneto can be Gary and the Professor can be Ash. I mean, how many fanfics has them competing with each other over who gets to keep the Sue?

That's sadly why most OCs are just minor characters and not main ones. Looks like once people create a Sue they simply build the story around them, which of course never ends well.
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Date:March 19th, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC)
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Would that make Logan Brock and Ororo Misty?

Looks like once people create a Sue they simply build the story around them, which of course never ends well.

Especially because Evo is an ensemble story, which means that it shouldn't involve around ANY character, canon or otherwise. Even in the episodes where a certain character is the center of the main plot, there's also usually a B-plot to remind audiences that the others do, er, exist. That's what the "balanced" thing is all about, really.
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Date:March 29th, 2006 11:02 pm (UTC)
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Oh for the love of- I may have to draw that now.... ;_;