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Mar. 19th, 2006 @ 11:02 am X-Men Evolution A-Z Part 3
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Sabretooth a.k.a Victor Creed
Another member of the Acolytes. Sabretooth was also part of the same Weapon X program as Wolverine was. He and Logan are arch-rivals and fight at every opportunity. Victor also has the same healing factor as Wolverine, but not his claws. His appeareance is very animal-like with long, shaggy blond hair and claw-like finger-nails and teeth that look like fangs.
His animalistic nature doesn’t seem to attract any fangirls and the only time Sabretooth has a role in fanfics, he either becomes Mary Sue’s punching bag or he fathered one, most likely of the catgirl variety.

Scarlet Witch a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff
Wanda is the daughter of Magneto and the twin sister of Pietro. When she was around 10/11 years old, Magneto put her into an insane asylum because she had anger issues and thus couldn’t control her powers. Mystique later busted her out, made her train under the witch Agatha Hawkins and made her the last member to join the BoM. Her main goal was to get revenge on her father until Magneto made Mastermind override her bad memories and replace them with memories of him being a good Dad. Wanda’s power, which she cannot always control, is to alter probabilities, e.g. if you shoot at her, she can alter the probability of the bullet missing her to 100%. She can also throw hex bolts.
Canon!Wanda is pretty angry, constantly pissed off or being edgy. Not even the brainwashing of Mastermind changed that. Wanda would rather go and get revenge than sit around and angst. She did feel bad about causing a subway to crash in ‘No Good Deed’, so she isn’t heartless. Wanda has short black hair and blue eyes like her brother. Her clothes are black and, of course, scarlet red.
Fanon!Wanda is, like Rogue, a ball of angst. She’ll get suicidal at the drop of a hat. The other option is that Wanda calms down a lot because she’s in love with some male character. If the story features a baby, Wanda will also suddenly discover her maternal side. She is mostly paired with Lance, Pyro or Todd.

Shadowcat a.k.a. Katherine ‘Kitty’ Pryde
A Jewish girl from Chicago, where she attended the same school as Lance Alvers. Kitty comes from a loving family and is supposed to be a genius despite her valley girl talk. Her mutant power is phasing which allows her to go through all solid matter.
Canon!Kitty is a nice, stable, smart girl that can’t cook very well and later becomes the on/off girlfriend of Lance. She likes to have fun and do typical girly things like shopping, dancing or talking with her friends on the phone. She has blue eyes, brown hair that she wears in a pony tail and likes to wear cute, pastel coloured clothes.
Fanon!Kitty often becomes the author’s avatar and could just as well be called Mary Sue. Her parents are suddenly abusive, Lance or someone else rapes her wherein she suddenly turns goth, slutty or becomes a cutter. She is then paired up with pretty much every person available. If Kitty is seen as a threat to the Mary Sue of the author (if the Sue is after Lance or Kurt), she becomes very swallow and bitchy and her valley girl talk multiplies by ten, even though it was toned down a lot after season one. Mostly Kitty gets paired with Kurt or Lance in het fic, with Rogue if it is femslash. But that’s so rare it’s hardly worth mentioning.

Storm a.k.a. Ororo Munroe
Storm was once worshipped as a Goddess in Africa, but is now a teacher and instructor at the institute. She has a sister, brother-in-law and a nephew Evan Daniels. She is claustrophobic. Her powers enable her to control the weather. In the end she became one of Apocalypse’s four horsemen.
Fanon has no real purpose for Storm, which is sadly much like the canon. Sometimes she is paired with Logan or has given birth to a Sue, but that’s about it.

Spyke a.k.a. Evan Daniels
Evan went to the same school as Pietro, where they were both on the Basketball team. He is also the nephew of Storm and a skater. He didn’t join so willingly, preferring to do his own thing. He also had to leave the team at one point because he couldn’t be counted on, but he saved to the day so all was well again. He later had trouble controlling his mutation which made his body be covered in bone plates. This in turn made him join the sewers dwelling Morlocks, where he is still today. His mutation stared out as being able to shot bone spikes out of his body. When we saw him the last time he was covered in a bone armour and his spikes were on fire.
Canon!Evan is a rather clueless, easily angered skater boy. He isn’t so much into team work and does not agree to ignore the hateful aggression that is directed at mutants, wanting to fight for their rights (to party). He’s kinda annoying most of the time, being so bone-headed :p and all.
Fanon!Evan is mostly non-existent. Most people simply don’t like him, so they just leave him out of their fics which is now rather easy with him leaving the X-Men and all that. If he is in the story he is often turned into a clueless idiot that is just interested in skating and not much more. He hardly gets Sues and is mostly paired with Pietro, if at all.

The Blob a.k.a. Fred Dukes
Fred is the third BoM member that appeared on the show in episode 4. He is originally from Texas where he was a performer in a monster truck show. His mutant power is his impenetrable skin, making him almost invulnerable and immovable, he’s also very strong.
Canon!Blob is a rather dumb, slow, fat guy that grunts and eats a lot. He had a crush on Jean and kidnapped her, when she didn’t react like he wanted her too. He hates it when people laugh at him. He seems to do the cooking around the BoM house and he has taken a kind of big brother role with Toad. He’s very fat and wears his hair in a blond mohawk.
Fanon!Blob is almost non-existent. Most of the time he is a stock character in the background or is mostly completely ignored. If he is there he often just eats a lot. Sometimes he becomes a bad guy, abusing the other BoM members or random X-Men. He doesn’t get paired up with anyone or gets any Mary Sues.

The New Mutants
The New Mutants are the kids that joined the Xavier Institute at the beginning of season two. They are not part of the actual fighting team since they haven’t mastered their powers yet. The group consists of Bobby Drake, Amara Aquilla, Sam Guthrie, Jamie Maddox, Tabitha Smith (who leaves for the BoM after two episodes), Roberto Accosta, Jubilation Lee and Rahne Sinclair (who both leave for home at the beginning of season three). Their mentor is Beast, but Logan trains them also.
In fanon the New Mutants don’t get such a big role. Often they are only background characters, just Bobby gets to star in some fanfics most of the time. Mary Sues almost never have to become New Mutants, but directly join the X-Men since they never have trouble with their powers and don’t need any kind of training.

The Toad a.k.a. Todd Tolensky
Todd is introduced in episode 1 and therefore the first member of the BoM. According to his official bio he’s also the youngest at age 14. We don’t know if he always lived in Bayville or if not, how or why he came there. We know nothing about his past or his parents either.
Todd’s powers are very powerful legs that enable him to jump very high and far, a long, prehensile tongue and spitting a sticky goop.
Canon!Toad is a stinky little guy that’s rather unattractive, has a lanky built, wears his dirty blond hair in a mullet, has bad hygiene and yellow teeth and eyes. He’s a rather up-beat little guy that enjoys stealing and getting on people’s nerves. In fights he prefers to attack people weaker than him, but never runs from a battle unless he has to. He also has a big crush on Wanda Maximoff, but that’s very one-sided.
Fanon!Toad is not seen as often as other fanon characters. Most authors concentrate on the prettier males, either making him an unimportant background character or ignoring him altogether. If fanon!Todd appears, he often becomes angsty and suicidal (Are you noticing a trend here?) and gets a make-over to boot. Often one thorough shower and teeth brushing will make him look good. If Todd is paired with anyone it’s mostly Wanda or Mary Sue. But I’ve also seen him a lot with Kurt and even Rogue a few times.

UST a.k.a. Unresolved Sexual Tension
In fandom this translates into two characters not liking each other when they meet, but still ending up together in the end. Often the dispute is started by the characters personalities clashing, often it’s the male that utters a sexist remark. Later one or both characters will think something along the lines of: “He’s an asshole/She’s a bitch. But he/she is also hot.” Which then is followed by ‘OMG, did I just think that?!’. Correct, the hotness of the other person then eventually leads to romance, not the other persons personality or seeing the other person do something good or respectable.

“Witty” banter
The word “witty” is in quotation marks since fanon’s idea of it is rather detached from reality. Instead of coming up with something original, canon characters and Sues alike spout the same old stuff you hear on TV all the time. Certain phrases will come up in certain stories with the same regularity as flood and tide. E.g. the little quarrels between Rogue and Remy that authors try to pass as sexual tension. As sure as the sky is blue, Remy will call Rogue ‘Cheré’ which in return will get him a ‘Swamprat’ from Rogue. You can just feel the originality flowing of the page.
Other things that are tried to get passed as witty is stupid insults. Mostly Mary Sue will insult characters they don’t like which will reduce said character to tears, unable to responds while the other characters around crack up like they never heard anything funnier.

Wolverine a.k.a. Logan
Former experiment of Weapon X, who doesn’t remember most of his past. Loner and instructor at the institute. Rides a motorcycle. He has a healing factor and adamantium claws. His clone is X-23, who he has become protective of.
Some Mary Sues fall for Logan, but not many. Mostly they make him their Daddy, making him over-protective and uncharacteristically cuddly.

This is Logan’s clone. She was created by the Weapon X program using Wolverine’s DNA without his knowledge. The first 22 experiments failed, but X-23 wasn’t exactly stable either. She kind of got Logan’s aggressive personality and hates him at first, blaming him for her horrible life. She doesn’t have an adamantium skeleton, but has the claws like Logan, except she has two on each hand and one on each foot. Naturally, she also has his healing factor. Appearence wise she looks nothing like him, having darker skin, brown hair and green eyes.
Fandom mostly ignores X-23, probably because people have created Sues like her long before she appeared on the show. The only time I’ve seen her in fics, was when she was paired with Pietro of all people.

Founded by Professor Charles Xavier, this group is located in the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Xavier used his own money and mansion to take in people who posses the x-gene and help them deal with their powers. The X-Men want to show mankind that humans and mutants can live together peacefully.
In canon the X-Men are the heroes that fight to protect mutants and humans alike. They are a pretty tight knit group who of course isn’t save from minor quarrels. The members are Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Kurt Wagner , Kitty Pride, Rogue and Evan Daniels. Their other mentors are Ororo Munroe, Hank McCoy and Logan.
In fanon the X-Men sometimes suddenly turn into mean bastards and evil bitches (except Rogue and Kurt). They scheme against people who are different, have petty fights and the training session become similar to those in boot camps. This is often so that Rogue or Mary Sue can leave in disgust to join the Brotherhood or Acolytes. If this doesn’t happen Mary Sue joins only so she can blow everyone’s mind by how pretty and powerful she is. And of course to tell off Scott and Jean (maybe Kitty) too. The Danger Room is no problem for Mary Sue, even if she never had any kind of training before. She also has of course the prettiest uniform of them all.

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Date:March 19th, 2006 11:17 pm (UTC)
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Kitty mischaracterization makes the baby Lockheed cry. And yet people keep doing it.

Her parents are suddenly abusive, Lance or someone else rapes her wherein she suddenly turns goth, slutty or becomes a cutter.

I want to ask these people, "If you're going to retcon every single thing that makes a character who she is, why not just introduce an OC?" but I know they'd just argue that since she still has the same name as one of the canon mainstays, there's no way she can be a Sue.

The word “witty” is in quotation marks since fanon’s idea of it is rather detached from reality.

That's because genuinely humorous dialogue? Is not easy. It takes actual imagination. And listening to people talk in the real world. And fanthings have no time for such petty annoyances.
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Date:September 11th, 2008 06:21 pm (UTC)
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I remember that, long ago, I had this fanfic idea involving the Brotherhood, and Fred was pretty important + he makes a 'new frioend' later on. I've always liked him, I don't know why *haha*

I hate it when people make chracters get all suicidal when they aren't >.