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May. 13th, 2006 @ 08:27 pm (no subject)
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TITLE: Daughter Of a Howlet
PERPETRATOR: nyx372040
SUMMARY: I know this topic is over used but bear with me pleaseWloverine's daghter comes to Xaviers

FULL NAME: Zenna Howlet
SPECIES: Mutant/ Puella spawnficus repulsivum
HAIR: "long unruly jet black hair"
EYES: "blazing emerald eyes "
MARKINGS: "a curvy yet slightly toned figure "
MUTANT POWER (if applicable): N/A

CONNECTIONS TO CANON: Logan's daughter


NOTES: I give her points on the knowlegde of at least part of Logan's real name and of the existance of Amiko but she calls him "Logan Howlet" when his is James Howlett. It's not particularly bad, I mean she did her reserch but why did she feel the urge to create her own when she could have used Amiko and ZENNA? Is that a phonetic spelling of Xena?

“STOP THIEF” a single voice shouted throughout the crowd, “for once dat’s not about me” a red eyed Cajun thought. Glancing about the crowd, he saw a small black figure darting among the people on the crowded Bayville Street. One of the larger men grabbed the running figure, “give it bitch” he snarled. “Time for Remy to what he doses best” Remy Lebeau thought, straitening his shoulders and striding towards the gang.

“Excuse me monsieur, but do tell why you are rough handling dat fille.” Remy asked smiling, “Why is she one of your whores?” a tall and lanky offsider asked. “Remy dinks dat one wasn’t fair monsieur, not fair dat all” Remy’s gaze darkened when the gang burst into laughter.

“let go of her or Remy have to rough you up some” Remy growled his bright smile gone and replaced with a serious grimace. “Stu take ‘em out” The fat one ordered, Stu obliged only to have Remy sidestep him and knock him to the ground. Throwing the girl to the ground, the gang leader advanced but fell to the ground about three feet form Remy, Remy Lebeau glanced at the girl surprised. “bonjour cher” Remy greeted his smile returning, “baiser de” was the answer, “peut-être nous devons aller quelque part un petit eh cher plus privé” Remy asked. Determined not to be fazed by the girl rough answer, he could help but be shocked by her retort. “Juste parce que vous pensez que je suis attrayant, vous pensez que je veux avoir le sexe avec vous?” she was looking right into his eyes, seemingly looking behind his shades. To the black on red eyes underneath and was unfazed.

Stepping back to get a proper look at the girl, Remy Lebeau saw a girl with long unruly jet black hair, blazing emerald eyes and a curvy yet slightly toned figure. Her figure was clothed in a black spaghetti strap dress with fishnet stockings a black combat boots. Adjusting the black and sliver spiked cuff around her wrist, she asked “what do you want form me?” her tone was cautious but no scared. “a name cher all Remy wants is a name” Remy answered trying to win other the troubled youth, “right my name is….” She trailed off as she aimed punch at Remy face and tired to run. Remy grabbed her by the left arm and held tight “that was low cher after Remy saved you and all” Remy stated “although now Remy see that you are a mutant”, after the youth tired to get free of Remy’s hold She gave up.

“Much better cher Remy won’t hurt you. Do you have a home to go to or somewhere to go?” Remy asked, “I’m looking for a school” she answered, “what school?” Remy asked knowingly,
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Date:May 15th, 2006 07:04 pm (UTC)

X23... X23 where are you.

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I just saw this a few minutes ago. The worst kind of Sue is the sure who bypasses a character who is pretty much there for Logan to be a father figure to. But no, I need to write myself (oh, i mean my "character") into the story.